Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Insured?

Yes, Richard Bohl, Architects has a Professional Liability Policy covering any errors or ommisions associated with your project. An Insurance certificate is available upon request after a contract agreement is executed.

Who owns the drawings?

The plans prepared for a project are the Architects work product and as such are copyrighted documents. The client is granted a one time use of the plans for the project for which they were prepared. Projects that have repeating elements such as multi-family projects, storage units or buildings that are designed to be replicated can be contracted for under a reuse agreement.

Client Listing

Richard Bohl, Architects has worked for many distinguished clients. A partial list is as follows:

Henry Ford Community College, Beltone Hearing Centers, Meridian Center LLC, Savon Pharmacy, Masonic Temple, Savemore Pharmacy, Logan Chiropractic, Mitten Animal Hospital, Dr Whitty Neurological Clinic, The Paws Clinic, Building Block Nursery and Day School, MRE Globe, ITC, Shore to Shore Credit Union, Sells Equipment, Gibraltar Recycling, Lost Lake Distillery, Ford Yacht Club, MFE III LLC, Molnar Funeral Home, Steel Tool and Engineering, Pro Cuts Hair Salon, E & J Kitchen, Allen Park Family Chiropractic, Grosse Ile Yacht Club, General Trailer, Fritz Industries, Michigan Title, Bottom Line Bait Shop, God Land Unity Church.

A listing of residential clients is available upon request.

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