• Lost Lake Distillery
  • Soccer stand
  • Residence Grosse Ile
  • Voight House
  • Residence Shop Macomb
  • Palmer West River
  • Palmer West River

Famous Architectural Quotes

  • "The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid." - Thomas a Kempis

  • " I dont build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build" - Ayn Rand

  • " We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us" - Winston Churchill

  • "Form follows function" - Louis Sullivan

  • "Firmitas, utilitas and venustas" - Firmness, Commodity and Delight - Vitruvius - first century BC

  • "I call architecture frozen music" - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  • "Get the Job, Get the Job, Get the Job!" - Advice from the fellow that handed me my registration certificate

  • "Less is More" - Mies Van der Rohe

  • "Architecture is the thoughtful making of space" - Louis Khan

  • "I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster and leaves less room for lies." - Le Corbusier

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